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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

One Click Trading Can Wash Your Account .

Guys Today i will tell you how One Click Trading Option in MT4 can wash your account ..
One Click Trading Can Wash Your Account .

When  new traders practice on demo they place random lots size .
Mostly they use 0.01 --- to --- 0.10 for money management practice.
So they open many chart like forex pairs , Index , Stocks Commodities ect .

They trade on all charts and place randomly trades.. 
Some Stocks or Commodities only allow Standard lot.. 
So they place standard lot like on OIL .
Mostly All Demo Traders use One Click Trading for place trade because its easy ..
One Click Trading Can Wash Your Account .

One Click Trading is easy and fast for demo trader because demo trader use Facebook , Youtube  ect on background .
So Now When they open real account in same broker and use same MT4 , Same Charts , Same Templates they mostly forget to edit One Click Trading lot size ..

And when they place first trade and click on ONE Click Trading , Trade Place with same Lot Size which they use on demo .. And Mostly its 0.50 or may be standard lot .. 
Which is not according with capital and risk percentage ...
When they realize, they place wrong lot  size which is Big . 
So now they think if our first trade hit SL its not good for starting real account.
So they place Big SL and Small TP .. And Guess What SL hit because fear come .
Then they place double lot size to recover loss , as you know, all new traders do this ...
And again this time SL , SL ,SL   Account Wash...

Now Another One Click Trading Trap ...

For Example you place trade with 0.10 lot size and your trade in profit and you want to close half trade or above half manually. So for this purpose you double click on order and close above half which is 0.06  . 
Now the close lot size 0.06 automatically apply on One Click Trading and also on all charts .. 
So next time when you click on One Click Trading You will see 0.06 already Set in One Click Trading . Many times Trader see big candles and Volatility and quickly click on One Click Trading Button and enter with 0.06  lot size which is already set in One Click Trading .

So Avoid One Click Trading System ... 

Now Another One Click Trading Trap ...

When you open those charts  which only allow standard lot like OIL, index or Some Stocks.
One Click Trading  Automatically Set Standard lot ...
And when you Drag and Drop any  Currency pair from Market Watch on Same Chart then you see Bullshit One Click Trading still show Standard lot  for Currency pair ...
Why Trader Drag and Drop currency pair on OIL, Stocks , Index Chart ..Because you wanna use same template with all good settings ..
One Click Trading Can Wash Your Account .

Many times trader place standard lot accidentally just because One Click Trading  System ..

Now My Recommendation ......

Always use New Order Button  .

One Click Trading Can Wash Your Account .

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Elliot Wave + Fibo Forex Strategy Complete Course .

GUYS in this complete course we will tell you a complete forex strategy .
As you know many successful traders use Elliot Waves for Correct Market Direction .
Beauty of this System is you can use this on any time frame . 
Mostly Market Respect Elliot Waves on all time frames . 
Here we Combine Elliot Waves With Fibo for Accuracy and find Perfect Entry , SL ,TP levels ..
So Focus on Strategy and be consistent..

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Extreme Tip to Get Exclusive Free Knowledge.

Guys here i will give you a Extreme Tip . 
So  you guys daily watch learning videos on youtube , 
Attend webinars ,  Download full Courses,  Read articles , Read  PDFS , Join Groups  and Specially you attend those webinars which is offered by your broker . 
Your broker almost offer 2 webinars in a week and they also categorize levels like Beginner , Intermediate , Expert and you attend all webinars. But i am sure you never feel any difference between  categorize levels.
They give you same basic knowledge level in a Expert webinars ..
You never attend a webinar provided by your broker which helps and improve your knowledge level.

Think Why  ?

Extreme Tip to get Exclusive Free Knowledge.

Because 90 Percent Brokers have mostly retail trader clients and a retail trader is not a permanent client. And Why they have mostly retail trader clients. Because  minimum amount  required for open real account is just 5 $ .. So when a poor trader open account with 
5 , 50, 100 $ only broker know this person is a bullshit . 
He just want to waste money .  
Retail Trade mostly have 100$... to...1000 $   Account . Every Broker know retail trader is not a long term client . So Broker never share advance proper knowledge in Expert level webinar . 

Left 10 Percent Brokers minimum amount required for open real account is 1000$  ... to ... 5000$..
So they know we have good clients and our client trust on us and invest 1000 which is minimum ..
So broker provide advance proper knowledge in Expert level webinars ..

So always attend those webinars which are provided by good brokers .. 
Definition of good broker in my eyes for educational purpose is a broker have minimum amount required for open real account should be 1000$  ... to ... 5000$..

So here i only cover educational webinar section not service section.

Many brokers offer 5 $  minimum  and there services are good like , Spread , Deposit , Withdraw ect .

So remember here i just wanna say that if  broker minimum requirement amount is more then 1000 $ they provide quality educational webinars .

Share this small tip with your friends .